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GanttPro for nonprofits

Online software to manage projects using Gantt diagrams.

GanttPro is a project management tool that can be used by nonprofit organizations to plan, schedule, and manage their projects and tasks.

Nonprofit organizations can use GanttPro to create a visual timeline that shows the different tasks and milestones involved in a project, and then track the progress of those tasks over time.

This can help nonprofit organizations stay organized and on track with their projects, and can provide a clear view of the resources and efforts that are needed to successfully complete those projects. Some common features of GanttPro include:

  • Gantt chart view to visually track the progress of tasks and milestones
  • Collaboration tools to allow team members to work together on projects
  • Task dependencies to show the relationships between different tasks
  • Resource allocation to manage and assign resources to different tasks

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