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Give Lively has a special deal only for non-profit organizations (valid in 2024):

No fees for using their platform (their philanthropic founders cover the operation costs) but payment fees still apply (Stripe, Paypal...).


Give Lively for nonprofits

Fundraising platform that offers campaign pages, donation widgets, event ticketing, P2P and more.

Give Lively is a fundraising platform specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. It allows nonprofit organizations to create and manage online fundraising campaigns, accept donations from donors, and track the progress of their fundraising efforts.

Here are some ways that nonprofit organizations can use Give Lively:

  1. Create an online fundraising campaign: Give Lively allows nonprofit organizations to create customizable online fundraising campaigns, complete with a donation page and promotional materials.
  2. Accept donations from donors: Give Lively allows nonprofit organizations to accept donations from donors via credit card or ACH bank transfer. Donors can make one-time or recurring donations, and can also opt to cover the processing fees associated with their donation.
  3. Track fundraising progress: Give Lively provides real-time tracking of fundraising progress, allowing nonprofit organizations to see how much money they have raised and how many donations they have received.
  4. Customize the donation experience: Give Lively allows nonprofit organizations to customize the donation experience by adding their own branding, creating custom thank-you pages, and setting up automatic thank-you emails.

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