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NOZA for nonprofits

Charitable giving database.

NOZA is a database of charitable donations and fundraising events that is used by nonprofit organizations to track and analyze their fundraising efforts. Some ways that a nonprofit might use NOZA include:

  1. Tracking donations: Nonprofits can use NOZA to track donations from individual donors, corporations, foundations, and other sources. This can help the organization understand the sources of its funding and identify trends over time.
  2. Analyzing fundraising efforts: NOZA provides data and analytics tools that can help nonprofits understand the effectiveness of their fundraising campaigns and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Identifying potential donors: NOZA includes information about past donors and fundraising events, which can help nonprofits identify potential new donors and target their outreach efforts.
  4. Managing donor relationships: Nonprofits can use NOZA to track interactions with donors, including communications, meetings, and events, which can help the organization build and maintain strong relationships with its supporters.

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