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Special discounts for 501(c)(3) charities (or the international equivalent). Contact them for more details.


SmugMug for nonprofits

Platform to store, share and sell photos.

SmugMug is a photo and video sharing platform that allows users to upload, organize, and share their photos and videos online. For an organization, some possible uses for SmugMug could include:

  • Creating a centralized, online repository for the organization’s photos and videos, allowing members to easily access and share these materials.
  • Setting up a public-facing website or gallery to showcase the organization’s work and achievements, and share them with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
  • Using the platform’s privacy settings to control who can access and download the organization’s photos and videos.
  • Creating custom portfolios or galleries to share with specific individuals or groups, such as donors, board members, or the media.

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