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Prices and discounts for nonprofits

Auth0 has a special deal only for non-profit organizations (valid in 2024):

50 percent discount on Essentials and Professional self-service plans and a discount of up to 35 percent on Enterprise plans.


Auth0 for nonprofits

Platform for identity and access management (IAM).

Auth0 is an authentication and authorization platform that can be used by nonprofit organizations to secure and manage access to their digital resources.

Nonprofit organizations can use Auth0 to implement user authentication and login processes for their websites, applications, and other digital tools, and to control who has access to these resources and what actions they can perform.

The platform allows nonprofit organizations to set up and enforce password policies, to use multi-factor authentication for added security, and to integrate with external identity providers, such as social media platforms and single sign-on services.

By using Auth0, nonprofit organizations can protect their digital resources and data from unauthorized access, and can provide a secure and convenient way for users to access the tools and services they need.

Additionally, Auth0 offers features for managing user identities and permissions, which can be useful for nonprofit organizations that need to control and track access to their resources.

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