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PagerDuty for nonprofits

Platform for digital operations management (DevOps, Process automation, etc.).

PagerDuty is an incident management and response platform that can be used by nonprofit organizations to monitor and manage critical events and activities.

Nonprofit organizations can use PagerDuty to receive alerts about potential issues or incidents, such as website downtime, security breaches, or operational disruptions, and to coordinate and track their response to these events.

The platform allows nonprofit organizations to set up rules and policies for how alerts are handled, and to assign tasks and responsibilities to team members and partners.

By using PagerDuty, nonprofit organizations can ensure that they are prepared and able to respond quickly and effectively to critical events, which can help minimize the impact of these events on their operations and stakeholders.

Additionally, PagerDuty offers integrations with other business tools, such as monitoring and communication platforms, which can be useful for nonprofit organizations that need to coordinate their incident response efforts with other teams and systems.

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