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Prices and discounts for nonprofits

Pingboard has a special deal only for non-profit organizations (valid in 2024):

20% discount for all nonprofits and a 100% discount for US-based nonprofits whose primary focus is working toward social justice or equality for underrepresented groups.


Pingboard for nonprofits

Platform to improve employee networks (employee directory, meetings, peer recognition, etc.).

Pingboard is an organization chart and directory software that can be useful for nonprofits in several ways.

For example, it can help a nonprofit organization manage and visualize its organizational structure, making it easier to understand how different teams and individuals fit together and how they can work together more effectively.

Pingboard can serve as a directory of contact information for employees, making it easier for team members to connect with one another. This can be particularly useful for large organizations with many employees, as it can help streamline communication and collaboration.

Additionally, Pingboard can be used to manage employee information and track employee data, such as job titles and departmental affiliations, which can be useful for planning and decision-making.

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