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25% discount for non-educational non-governmental organizations (501c3 for the United States or equivalent in other countries)


Formstack for nonprofits

Productivity platform. Includes forms, documents, and signature tools.

Formstack is a web-based platform that allows organizations to create and manage online forms, such as sign-up sheets, surveys, and payment forms. Nonprofit organizations can use Formstack to collect information from volunteers, donors, and supporters, and to manage and track their contributions and interactions with the organization. Formstack also offers features such as payment integrations and automatic response emails, which can help nonprofit organizations streamline their operations and improve their ability to engage with their audience. Some potential ways that a nonprofit organization could use Formstack include:

  • Creating a volunteer sign-up form to collect information from individuals interested in volunteering with the organization.
  • Creating a donation form to allow donors to make financial contributions to the organization online.
  • Creating a survey to collect feedback from supporters about the organization’s programs and initiatives.
  • Creating an event registration form to collect information from attendees and manage event logistics.
  • Creating a membership sign-up form to collect information from individuals interested in joining the organization as members.

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