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Gravity Forms for nonprofits

Form builder for WordPress websites.

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that provides tools for creating and managing forms on a website or web application. Nonprofit organizations can use Gravity Forms to create custom forms for a variety of purposes, such as collecting donations, registering volunteers, or gathering feedback from users. Some potential uses of Gravity Forms for nonprofits include:

  • Creating custom forms, using Gravity Forms’ drag-and-drop form builder to create forms with a variety of field types, including text fields, dropdown menus, and checkboxes.
  • Customizing the appearance of forms, using Gravity Forms’ styling options to match the look and feel of the nonprofit’s website or web application.
  • Collecting and managing form submissions, using Gravity Forms’ integration with WordPress to store and manage submitted data.
  • Automating workflows, using Gravity Forms’ integrations with other WordPress plugins and services to trigger actions based on form submissions, such as sending email notifications or updating a database.

Gravity Forms offers a number of benefits for nonprofit organizations, including an intuitive form builder, flexible styling options, and integrations with other WordPress plugins and services.

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