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Prices and discounts for nonprofits

Bitbucket has a special deal only for non-profit organizations (valid in 2024):

Bitbucket Cloud Standard is offered for free to qualifying nonprofit organizations.


Bitbucket for nonprofits

Hosting for developers (software development and version control with Git) + project management features.

Bitbucket is a version control and collaboration platform that can be used by nonprofit organizations to manage and collaborate on software projects.

Nonprofits can use Bitbucket to store and manage their code, track changes and updates, and collaborate with others on software development projects.

Bitbucket offers a range of features and tools that can be useful for nonprofits, including version control, code review, and issue tracking.

Additionally, Bitbucket offers free private repositories for organizations with fewer than 5 users, making it an affordable option for nonprofits.

Using Bitbucket can help nonprofits to streamline their software development process and improve collaboration among team members.

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